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Elkay Manufacturing center to Olive Branch

Plumbing and water delivery products manufacturer Elkay Manufacturing is locating distribution operations in Olive Branch. The project is a $3.22 million corporate investment and will create 25 jobs.

Founded in 1920, Elkay is America’s No. 1 selling stainless-steel and quartz sink provider. The company also offers an extensive line up of faucets, water coolers and drinking fountains, as well as Smartwell Water Delivery Systems and the award-winning ezH2O bottle filling stations. In addition, the Elkay Interior Systems division is a global leader in designing and building branded retail environments and commercial systems, such as stainless-steel products for commercial kitchens for leading international brands in the retail, hospitality, restaurant and education markets.

“I am proud to welcome Elkay Manufacturing as the newest business partner to the state of Mississippi,” said Gov. Tate Reeves. “Not only will the company’s prime DeSoto County location ensure products are quickly and efficiently delivered to its customers throughout the Southeast, but the skilled workers found in the area will play a key role in the company’s long-lasting success in our state, just as they have with the other numerous industry leaders that call DeSoto County home.” 

Elkay Manufacturing is locating its new Southeast U.S. distribution center in Olive Branch’s Scannell Logistics Park. The company chose the location so it could better service the southeastern market.

“We are humbled, proud and grateful for the trust the state, county and the city have placed in us and are thrilled to play a part in the region’s continued success and future expansion,” said Ken Blazer, Elkay Director of Global Logistics. “All the infrastructure aspects that attracted us to the area in the first place are within easy reach of Olive Branch. Elkay’s first-ever Logistics Center in this area is well served by one of the most robust logistics infrastructures in the U.S., and its location will allow us to reach large population centers within two days.”

The Mississippi Development Authority has certified Elkay Manufacturing through the Advantage Jobs Rebate Program, which is available for eligible businesses that create new jobs exceeding the average annual wage of the state or county in which the company locates or expands. DeSoto County and the city of Olive Branch also are assisting with the project.

“Olive Branch is pleased to welcome Elkay Manufacturing and are certain they will enjoy the amenities and labor market of this area as other successful companies have,” said Olive Branch Mayor Ken Adams.

Elkay Manufacturing expects to begin operations in Olive Branch in September and plans to fill the 25 new jobs over the next two years.

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