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DeSoto County reports additional COVID-19 cases, one death

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Monday reported its latest figures for cases and deaths connected to the coronavirus pandemic. 

In DeSoto County, MSDH has reported 39 new cases and one additional death from the virus, however the death was a confirmed COVID-19 death between July 8-Aug. 24, identified by death certificate reports.

DeSoto County has now recorded 4,624 positive cases of coronavirus since March and there have been 44 deaths connected to the virus. Of that number, nine deaths were in long-term care facilities and there have been 49 long-term care facility cases.  

MSDH reports 2,473 people have died from COVID-19, 2,319 were confirmed and 154 are listed as probable from the virus. 

There remains no Mississippi reports of deaths from coronavirus among youngsters under the age of 18 and a total of 17 deaths reported of those in the 18-29 age bracket.  The highest number of deaths reported from the virus come in the 70-79 age bracket with 648, and those in the 80’s are next with 568 having succumbed to the virus, followed with 506 deaths in the age 60-69 bracket.  

A total of 62,707 reported recoveries from coronavirus were reported in the Monday report from MSDH.


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