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DCS issues first coronavirus case report

DeSoto County Schools (DCS) released its first report on coronavirus cases in the district on Monday, Aug. 24.  

DCS Supt. Cory Uselton had earlier stated the district would provide an update on the virus each Monday on its website and the entire report is found on the DeSoto County Schools website

In the first report, DCS said there were 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in a school setting discovered between Aug. 17-21, the first week that classes had been in session.  Of those 10 reported cases, 139 students were new quarantines as a result of a close contact in the school setting, the district said.  

Lewisburg Middle School, Southaven High School, and Lewisburg Primary School each reported that two students had tested positive for COVID-19 on their separate campuses. 

Single positive case reports came from DeSoto Central Middle School, Hernando High School, Oak Grove Central Elementary School, and Lewisburg Elementary School.

Southaven High School had the most number of students in quarantine as a result of the positive case contacts at 45. While not reporting a positive case, DeSoto Central High School had 19 students in quarantine and Hernando High School reported 12 students quarantined.  

There were 24 Lewisburg Middle School youngsters in quarantine as a result of the coronavirus, along with 11 Lewisburg Elementary students.  

The report also indicated eight school staff people had tested positive for coronavirus, although the district would not indicate which schools they were located in.  

Monday’s report did note that it is possible to have quarantine situations on a campus without a confirmed student case, which occurred at DeSoto Central High School, for instance. These situations took place due to a close contact with an employee.  

District numbers may slightly differ from the state Department of Health (MSDH) because the state figures include private schools that are not part of the DeSoto County School District, the largest public school district in Mississippi.  

Monday’s report also does not include students who may be quarantined by the state due to situations that are not school-related.  

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