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Olive Branch deals with water issues through icy weather

Olive Branch residents and businesses have been dealing with water pressure issues as a result of the past week’s winter weather. 

While it has not reached the point of a Boil Water Notice, residents have had to deal with low water pressures amid calls for conservation while broken pipes are being fixed. City officials have reported fielding several calls regarding busted water pipes.

Residents were being encouraged to conserve water and refrain from non-essential water use as much as possible.  The city also said it was evaluating the utilities network for possible future improvements.  

Not just because of the water, but because of other problems due to the icy roads and low temperatures, Mayor Ken Adams issued a state of emergency on Thursday.  

On Friday, city water plants were working to fill the tanks and towers to stabilize the water pressure. It was expected that the water supply would fluctuate for some homes through the weekend. Each time the water pressure will increase until it is stable. Residents were encouraged to continue to conserve water where possible throughout the weekend. The expectation was that the system should be operating at close to normal pressures Monday.

On Saturday, the city said it was continuing to monitor pressures in real time using a Supervisory Control and Data System, or SCADA, which allows them to see relevant information for all water stations on their mobile devices.

Some residents may continue to experience intermittent low water pressure, but the city reports that the system has not lost pressure. Because the system has retained pressure, there is no requirement to issue an advisory boil water notice, city officials said. 

Adams was joined by Chief Operating Officer Todd Ondra and Public Works Director Cole Fesmire for a video update Saturday evening regarding the water system.

Olive Branch has not been alone in low water pressure issues. Memphis water customers served by MLGW were placed in a Boil Water Notice Friday as pressures dipped below 20 psi. 

Earlier in the week, customers of Walls Water Association in Walls and Lake Cormorant, along with corresponding subdivisions, were placed in a 24-hour self-imposed Boil Water Notice, also for pressure reasons.