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DA’s office says felony case dismissals are being reduced 

The DeSoto County District Attorney’s office says there’s been a significant decrease in felony case dismissals compared to a year ago. 

In a news release from the District Attorney’s office, statistics show that felony case dismissals dropped by 55.7 percent and remanded cases dropped by 30.9 percent in the period between Jan. 1-May 1 of this year, when compared to the same time frame in 2023.  

Remanded cases are those cases that are sent back to a lower court for prosecution.  

“This analysis speaks volumes about my steadfast commitment to addressing criminal matters  with rigor and integrity and underscores the dedicatIon of our team in keeping DeSoto County  safe,” said District Attorney Matthew Barton. “These findings also validate our proactIve approach to case management and finding justice for victims of crime.” 

The DeSoto County Circuit Clerk’s Office gave numbers to the District Attorney’s Office which the news release quoted but did not run a report for them, Circuit Clerk Dale K. Thompson told DeSoto County News.