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Southaven business is ready to Just Bee Helpin

Photo: Owner Robyn Noble Powell and Just Bee Helpin celebrated its third anniversary at the Southaven Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, May 1 (Bob Bakken/

A unique business in Southaven recently celebrated its third year in business as Just Bee Helpin’ was celebrated at the Southaven Chamber of Commerce. 

If you’re needing an extra errand to be done, day of assistance or a concierge service, owner Robyn Noble Powell her business can help you out.  

“We do shopping, we help with events, we help with projects,” she said. “We help with courier services, pretty much anything that you may need an extra set of hands or feet for.”

Noble Powell says her business is unique to the market as an upscale service.  

“We focus on our clients, giving them that personalized attention,” she pointed out. “WE focus on getting to know our clients, what they need and what they like. We give them someone they can trust and rely on.”

Noble Powell said her business started with another name, but in the trademark process learned there already was another company with a similar name. She said the current name came about as she woke up one morning.

“I was devastated,” Noble Powell said. “I went to sleep one night and when I woke up, ‘Just Bee Helpin’ was on my mind. We changed the name and here we are now a year. Now everybody loves the name Just Bee Helpin.”

You can learn more about Just Bee Helpin at their website. Noble Powell added they have a presence on social media channels with Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.