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COVID numbers stay steady in DeSoto County Schools

Photo: DeSoto Central High School was one of two district schools with the most number of new coronavirus cases in the last school week with eight. Hernando Middle School was the other school also with eight new cases. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

The weekly update on new coronavirus cases and quarantines for DeSoto County Schools holds steady from the previous week with more schools not reporting any new cases or quarantines.  

For the school week ending Oct. 8, 98 new cases of COVID-19 were found among the more than 40 school campuses making up the state’s largest public school district. That number is the same from the previous school week.   

The number of new quarantines for the school week ending Oct. 8 dropped by nine to 202. 

The schools with the most number of new cases reported were DeSoto Central High School and Hernando Middle School, each with eight new cases. Lake Cormorant High School reported seven new COVID-19 cases in its student body last week.  

Horn Lake Elementary School was the campus that had the most number of new quarantines with 36. Hernando Middle and Hernando Elementary schools were next, each with 30. 

In contrast, eight schools had no reports of new cases this past school week and there were 14 schools with no new quarantines. 

Twenty teachers and staff members had new positive tests for coronavirus districtwide in the past school week. 

The complete is found here and also on the school district website.  

DeSoto County Schools COVID-19 weekly report, Oct. 4-8.

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