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COVID cases continue to rise globally, locally

Most of us may have started to act like the coronavirus pandemic is no longer here, but medical and health officials beg to differ. Coronavirus remains in the world, the world is still facing a pandemic and the case numbers continue to rise.  

The World Health Organization Friday announced the number of new coronavirus cases globally has increased by 18 percent, as more than 4.1 million cases are reported. 

WHO also reported that the number of deaths due to the virus remains at or about 8,500 weekly, according to the most recent report.  

On Friday, the Mississippi State Department of Health said there were 2,908 new coronavirus case reports and nine new deaths were reported.

The regions dealing most with deaths from COVID-19 are the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the Americas. Omicron variants are the reasons for the increase.  Cases increased by 47 percent in the Middle East, 32 percent in Europe and Southeast Asia, and a 14 percent rise for both South and North America. 

The United States recently approved COVID-19 vaccines for children in preschool and for infants. 

Regulators are also suggesting that some adults receive updated booster shots this fall that could better fight new variants of the virus.

According to CDC data offered by Covid Act Now, over the last week, DeSoto County, Mississippi had 381 new reported cases (206.0 for every 100,000 residents). Reported cases do not include all at-home positive tests. Over the last week, DeSoto County, Mississippi has averaged 54 new confirmed cases per day (29.4 for every 100,000 residents).

DeSoto County is third in the state for average new cases for capita, behind Hinds and Harrison counties.  Four-point-seven percent of hospital beds in the county have COVID-19 patients, according to the report, which also said 65.7 percent of residents have had at least one dose of the vaccine.  Fifty-five-point-four percent have had two doses and 19.7 percent of the population have been given a booster shot.  

These statistics for DeSoto County are available on the Covid Act Now website.  

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