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Aldermen consider trailer, home business regulations

Southaven aldermen Tuesday night passed two ordinances that addressed the parking of utility trailers within a driveway and another addressing permits for home-based businesses that operate in the city.  

Board members had in the past looked at regulating the parking of utility trailers within a driveway.  

Following further discussion and consideration of the issue from a practical perspective, the board agreed that utility trailers may be parked on a paved driveway with stipulations.

Those restrictions are that the trailer’s length is 10 feet or less, empty of equipment and debris, and the trailer must be at least 10 feet off the traveled street or roadway.  

In the past, Southaven had provided a form of rules and regulations for those wanting to get a permit for a home-based business to function in the city.  

What the board passed Tuesday night gives the city more flexibility, encouraging those businesses to operate, but not at the expense of more traffic into a neighborhood or unreasonable amounts of items being stored on the residential property. Business operations from a home cannot overshadow the fact that the domicile is still a home. 

The ordinance also prohibits excessive noise, vibration, glare or fumes that can be detected outside the property.  

Southaven board members Tuesday night also approved going forward with two street reclamation projects to fix parts of College Road and Rasco Road. There was also discussion of a donation request from the House of Grace for city support. The request of $9,000 was denied because the House of Grace submitted its request after the city budget had already been finalized.  

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