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A rolling solution to opening locks

For those times when you can’t get into your car, truck, house, whatever is secured with a lock, there’s now a new service available that has just opened up in the DeSoto County area.  

Lock N Roll, a mobile locksmithing service, has started operating with Bart Watkins as owner. 

The Olive Branch Chamber of Commerce welcomes Watkins and Lock N Roll as a new member on Wednesday. 

“I just started it about a month ago,” Watkins said. “We are a full-service locksmith company. We do lock outs, change out locks, new door locks. We service the automotive, commercial and residential part of locksmithing. Anything you need that you put a key in, or a remote that would unlock a door or lock a door, we can service.”

Watkins said he may be new as a company but he has the training and experience needed to do the job.    

“I’ve been training for about a year-and-a-half at the CNT Lock Service in Coldwater,” Watkins said. “I’ve worked full time for him and I spent two weeks at LSI in Kentucky training last March. I’ve been going to school and getting educated, getting out and getting service experience out on the street.”

Watkins said he’s learned that there’s a lot of detail work that goes into being a good locksmith. 

“Most of them are really not that complicated but there’s a little bit of an art to locksmithing, and there’s a little bit of luck sometimes, especially when you are picking locks,” Watkins explained. “Where more of the experience comes is in a lot of the new electronics stuff and having the right equipment to cut the keys and program them. We have invested well in that type of commitment.”

Watkins added he is excited about becoming part of the Olive Branch and DeSoto County business community.  

“Networking is very important,” Watkins said. “The business community gets together on a regular basis to discuss what’s going on in the community and how they can help better the community.”

You can learn more about Lock N Roll by phone at 662-671-5625 or email Watkins at

Bart Watkins of Lock N Roll Mobile Locksmith cuts a ribbon as he is welcomed into the Olive Branch business community by the Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, March 3. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

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