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Wicker, Kelly react to Taliban control of Afghanistan

This weekend’s takeover of the Afghanistan government by the Taliban as American forces are leaving the country is getting a harsh reaction from Republicans in Congress toward the Biden administration, including Mississippi’s senior U.S. Senator and First District Congressman.  

Sen. Roger Wicker released a statement Sunday calling what happened a humiliation to the Biden administration and a disaster for Afghan families.  His statement is reprinted below: 

“What we are seeing unfold in Afghanistan amounts to the most shameful and cowardly betrayal of friends by an American president in my memory. President Biden’s ill-advised and clumsy withdrawal has done irreparable damage to our international standing and therefore to our American security. This self-inflicted humiliation is a disaster for Afghan families and will have long-term ramifications for American leadership in the world.

“My staff and I are making every effort to provide assistance to people who are attempting to evacuate or who are seeking information about friends and coworkers who are in danger.”

Wicker Monday said that any Mississippians with loved ones stranded in Kabul are asked to email his office with all applicable information at  Wicker said he and his staff are doing everything we can to get this information to the appropriate people as quickly as possible.

American citizens and visa holders seeking to return from Afghanistan must complete the Repatriation Assistance Request for each traveler in their group. Information on how to complete this form is on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul website.  

First District Rep. Trent Kelly responded to the quick takeover by the Taliban on social media to question the Administration’s leadership in the crisis. Kelly’s comments are reprinted below: 

The failures in withdrawal from Afghanistan and at the southern border have highlighted the vacuum in leadership in the White House. Silence during a crisis is the opposite of leadership. It’s time to address the American public on both of these epic problems. Leadership requires action, not silence.

Members of the Taliban quickly came in and took over the government in Kabul this weekend. Monday afternoon, President Joe Biden said he was standing by the decision to remove American troops from the country. However, Biden admitted the speed of the Taliban’s action was not expected to be that quick.  

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