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Special session to finalize second-largest economic development project in state history

Project to be located in Marshall County

Photo credit: Gov. Tate Reeves on X/Twitter

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has announced that he is calling a special session to finalize the second largest economic development project in Mississippi history. Additionally, the economic development project represents the largest payroll commitment of any major project in state history.

This follows the largest economic development project in state history – the $2.5 billion corporate investment by Aluminum Dynamics, Inc. that was announced in 2022.

The project will include a $1.9 billion corporate capital investment and create 2,000 jobs. Reeves said the project will be located in the Chickasaw Trails Industrial Park, a 3,600 acre property located on U.S. Highway 72, state Highway 302 and Interstate 269, 

The average salary of these jobs is approximately $66,000. At $1.9 billion, it is the second largest capital investment in state history. The average annual salary expectations of the jobs are almost $20,000 more than the current average annual salary in the state.

“Mississippi has momentum, and today’s historic announcement is further proof of that,” said Gov. Reeves. “This represents the single largest payroll commitment of any major project and will be the second largest capital investment in state history. Ultimately, what this really means is more quality jobs for Mississippians. That will always be worth celebrating.”

The economic development project involves the production and delivery of electric battery cells for use in the commercial automotive and industrial applications space and invests in the public infrastructure necessary to support the project.

“With thousands of jobs and a record-breaking annual payroll commitment, this project is a catalyst for economic prosperity, symbolizing the American dream in our state,” said state Rep. Rodney Hall (R-Southaven) about the announcement. “Furthermore, this is the type of investment we need to promote all across North Mississippi. I’m proud of this development and look forward to working for North Mississippi’s future – full of economic prosperity so that our citizens may prosper.”

Gov. Reeves called the special session to begin on Thursday, Jan. 18 at 9:30 am. The special session could last as little as one day.

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