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Special session to finalize largest economic development project in state history

Record-shattering $10 billion capital investment will result in 1,000 high-tech jobs.

Another huge economic development project, consisting of data centers in Canton and at another site in Madison County, will be considered in a special session called by Gov. Tate Reeves on Wednesday.

Reeves said passage would finalize the largest economic development project in Mississippi’s entire history.

The project will include a $10 billion corporate capital investment and create 1,000 high-tech jobs. At $10 billion, it is the single largest capital investment in state history and four times the size of the previous largest economic development project.

“The size of this new capital investment is unlike anything we’ve seen before in Mississippi,” said Reeves. “It’s the single largest capital investment that has ever been made in the state of Mississippi – by a lot. The fact is that records were made to be broken, and that’s exactly what our state continues to do.”

As with other economic development projects, the identity of the people involved is being withheld until the state incentives are passed in the Legislature. However, once finalized, it will result in two hyperscale data center complexes on two industrial park sites. One data center will be located in Canton, and a second will be located at another site in Madison County.

Reeves called the special session to begin on Thursday, Jan. 25, at 9:30 a.m. It’s believed the special session could last as little as one day.

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