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Senate Weekly Report

In the sixth week of the Legislative Session, Senators met the Feb. 9, 2023, deadline for original floor action on general bills and constitutional amendments originating in the Senate, and the February 10, 2023, deadline for reconsideration and passage of general bills and constitutional amendments originating in the Senate.

Healthcare facilities across the state that continue to struggle, would benefit from the passage of  Senate Bill 2372  that creates the Mississippi Hospital Sustainability Grant Program which provides $80 million in funding for struggling hospitals. It would allow the Department of Health to provide initial grants from $350,000 to $1 million. Remaining funds would be distributed on a pro-rata basis.

Senate Bill 2079 was passed to create the Mississippi School Protection Act to allow certain educators to be armed for protection of students and staff. It says in part, “The department may authorize Mississippi law enforcement training academies to offer the training program to the governing body of a school.”

Senate Bill 2889 would create the Mississippi Capitol Region Utility Act that would transfer ownership of Jackson’s water, sewer, and stormwater interests to a nine-member panel with appointees from the mayor, governor, and lieutenant governor.

Senate Bill 2239 would allow state law enforcement officers; including Highway Patrol officers to use their duty uniforms, weapons, and patrol vehicles to perform off duty private security services.

Senate Bill 2140 would ban TikTok on state devices and networks.

Senate Bill 2562 would allow a public-private partnership to establish electric vehicle charging stations.

Senate Bill 2160 would transfer responsibilities of State Board of Cosmetology and Board of Barber Examiners to State Department of Health.

Senate Bill 2853 would require state agencies to purchase drones only from American companies that service them.

Senate Bill 2750 would create the Automated External Defibrillators in Public Places Grant Program that places the devices in public schools and charter schools.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 533 would facilitate further discussion on revising the ballot initiative process.

Senate Bill 2073 would lower the age of majority to 18 for securing home loans and entering contracts for real property.

Senate Bill 2343  establishes a memorandum of understanding that with Jackson’s approval, would allow Capitol police to have a greater jurisdiction within Jackson. If Jackson officials do not agree, Capitol police could still patrol a greater portion of the city and can contract with jails throughout the state to house misdemeanor offenders.

Senate Bill 2101, would increase penalties for crimes of fleeing a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and carjacking. Companion measure Senate Bill 2099 seeks to increase the penalty for motor vehicle theft, making all convictions a felony, while Senate Bill 2100 would increase the penalty for receiving stolen property.

Senate Bill 2346 would force websites that displayed harmful materials to verify the age of users and establish penalties for any websites that failed to comply.

Senate Bill 2212 would extendpostpartum coverage up to 12 months for Medicaid recipients.

Senate Bill 2530 would allow the Department of Marine Resources to designate Danzler Tract as “Secretary of State Eric Clark Coastal Preserve” and “Gollott Island/Godfather Point,” in honor of retired Senator Tommy Gollott.

Senate Bill 2187 would give veterans with at least 70% service-related disability, an exemption on two car tags and one motorcycle tag.

Senate Bill 2817 allows further discussion on which hospital will possibly become the Mississippi Burn Center.

All bills have been transmitted to the House for consideration.

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