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Reeves declares October as Energy Awareness Month

To raise public awareness of the critical role energy management and energy resources play in the everyday lives of Mississippians, Governor Tate Reeves declared October as Energy Awareness Month.

In conjunction with the Governor’s proclamation, the U.S. Department of Energy also has designated October as National Energy Awareness Month.

“Mississippi is blessed with a wealth of natural resources that bolster our nation’s energy production,” said Reeves. “I’m for a robust, all-of-the-above energy policy that maximizes those resources. This will pave the way for expanding energy sector development and driving innovation, employment, and economic opportunity. That’s why I’ve once again proclaimed October as Energy Awareness Month.”

“Energy Awareness Month is an opportunity to showcase the wealth of energy resources and opportunities found in Mississippi,” said MDA Deputy Director Laura Hipp. “The state’s future depends on how it develops and manages its energy resources.”

The Mississippi Development Authority’s Energy and Natural Resources Division has designated this year’s theme “Empower Progress, Empower Energy.”

Energy Awareness Month is proclaimed by Gov. Tate Reeves each October to urge Mississippians to recognize the importance of using good judgment in the management and responsible development of the state’s energy resources.

October Energy Awareness Month proclamation

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