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Pump prices falling in county, country

Drivers may still be grumbling and remembering the days not all that long ago when gas was $2 a gallon, but prices at the pump have actually been going down.  

Average gasoline prices across the country are at least $1.50 more than at this time last year, but Friday it was reported from the American Automobile Association (AAA) that average prices had the largest one-day drop in prices in 15 years.  

The national average price on Friday was $4.721 a gallon, compared to Thursday’s average price of $4.752 a gallon, a 3.1 cent a gallon drop in price.  

Fears of a recession have caused crude oil prices to begin dropping and crude oil makes up about 60 percent of the pump price, which is one reason for the lower pump price.  

Patrick DeHaan of the gas price monitoring website added that demand for gasoline has also fallen by 5.4 percent, which is another reason for the slipping downward pump price.  

More pump prices in DeSoto County have dropped below the $4 a gallon mark in recent days. All of the 10 lowest gas prices reported by GasBuddy were below the $4 per gallon price.  Five stations listed were in Horn Lake, three in Southaven, and the other two stations were located in Hernando.

On Saturday, said the national regular unleaded average gas price had dropped again, this time to $4.696. The Mississippi state average price was $4.213, and in DeSoto County, the average price for gas was $4.187.  

Prices have dropped since mid-June, when Mississippi’s average price was $4.525 on June 12. One year ago, the state’s average price was $2.766. 

The highest average price for the Southaven-Olive Branch area AAA reported came one day later on June 13 at $4.523.  

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Here are the lowest prices in DeSoto County on Saturday evening, according to GasBuddy:

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