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New training trailer unveiled for State Fire Marshal’s Office

The State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) Liquefied Compressed Gas Division (LC Gas) has a new tool to promote safety across Mississippi. LC Gas will use the new training trailer to teach gas providers how to properly install propane tanks, do leak and pressure checks, and install regulators, among other things.

“Propane gas accidents are very low in Mississippi because our fire marshals are working hard and training hard,” said State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney. “This trailer will further our mission to keep commercial and residential gas safe. Now, we can offer hands-on training in addition to traditional classroom training.”

The trailer cost more than $27,000 and was paid for through the Propane Education and Research Fund (PERC), a tax fund managed by the LC Gas Board. The 53-foot heated and cooled trailer will be used across the state for live training. The trailer consists of computers, televisions, numerous heaters, fire logs, a fryer, a commercial stove, and many propane props to perform actual testing and repair operations.

“With the economy where it is and with lots of hiring turnover in the past couple of years, we’re seeing many new employees at gas companies who have no experience and need this training,” said Scottie Cuevas, Director of the LC Gas Division.

LC Gas providers and employees are certified by the State Fire Marshal’s Office and must renew that certification every three years.

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New training trailer revealed by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. (Courtesy photo)

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