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Mississippi elementary principal arrested on child exploitation charge after hidden camera found

The principal of a Mississippi elementary school was arrested over the weekend on charges of child exploitation.

The Bolivar County Sheriffs Department says that on January 31, 2022 they took Bayou Academy principal Norman Keith Aycock into custody after a hidden camera was found.

He was given a bond of $150,000 on the charge.

According to various media reports, Aycock is accused of setting up a hidden camera in the girls basketball locker room.

A parents meeting was called where it was disclosed the camera was found and removed.

Aycock is no longer listed as employed by the school as of Tuesday morning.

3 thoughts on “Mississippi elementary principal arrested on child exploitation charge after hidden camera found

  • Sick piece of trash!

  • Prayers for this family.

  • David Williams

    I know his entire family personally. He was a great kid growing up. If this is true and proven, he needs serious help and prayers for his family and the victims. There must be more to the story, as this is not of his character. It’s very sad for the victims, and if he is found guilty as charged, he will suffer dearly, and worse, his family will suffer. The victims will hopefully seek the proper counseling necessary to get through this. Thank God no one was physically injured, as this does not seem to be his modus operandi. God Bless the victims, and Keith’s family. If I were one of the parents whose daughter was filmed, I would be extremely angry, and I would want to know why. That said, first it must be proven he did it, and I would then want to know why and I would want to know what did he did or what his plans were to do with the footage, for instance was he attempting to sell the footage, etc. When a person is suffering a mental illness or mental sickness and they commit a violent act, the first normal reaction is to get angry with that person, and rightfully so. He will go to prison and he better be under 24/7 watch, as the prisoners don’t take to kindly to a child predator, as he has been labeled in the MS court of public opinion. Also, knowing this young man as I do, he will most likely need to be on suicide watch. Secondly, his family may or may not distance themselves from him. Believe me when it’s all said and done, he will receive more punishment than most, under these circumstances. I hate it for the victims, I hate for his family, and I hate he made this decision to carry this terrible act out, if proven guilty as charged. God Bless Everyone!


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