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Mississippi counties with highest COVID-19 infection rates

DeSoto in lower half of top 50 counties in the state

As much as we may feel ready to dispense with the masks and move forward with a more normal life, the threat of COVID-19 still exists and we are still in a declared pandemic. 

As of April 20, the number of COVID-19 related deaths in the nation had reached 989,573 and there have been a reported 80.7 million cases of COVID-19, according to Johns Hopkins University.  

Two-thirds of the nation are now vaccinated and 45-percent of vaccinated people have received a booster shot.  

Stacker has used information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and vaccination data from COVID Act Now to rate the Mississippi counties with the highest infection rates. The counties are ranked per capita (per 100,000 people) through the week leading up to April 19. Cumulative cases per capita served as a tiebreaker.  

DeSoto County ranked 34th among the state’s top 50 counties for infections.

Cumulative cases for 100,000 people are at 27,105 (50,130 total), or 1.3 percent more than the state average. Cumulative deaths per capita are 299 (553 total), or 28.3 percent fewer deaths than the state average.

An average of 54.4 percent of DeSoto County’s population is fully vaccinated, a total of 100,612. 

The number one-ranked county in Mississippi is Choctaw County, followed by Jasper, and Copiah. Tunica is ranked fourth and Jefferson is fifth in Mississippi. 

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