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State Auditor employee receives highest CPA exam score in Mississippi

Photo: State Auditor Shad White with Abney Brewer (Courtesy photo)

Mississippi State Auditor Shad White is proud to announce that Abney Brewer, an employee in the state agency audit division of the Office of the State Auditor, has received the highest cumulative score in the state of Mississippi on the 2023 CPA exam.

“We’re keeping the best young auditing talent in the state at home, here in Mississippi, and Abney is proof,” said White. “I’m overjoyed Abney chose to use her skills to serve the taxpayers of Mississippi and incredibly proud of her for her achievement.”

Abney joined the Office of the State Auditor through the “Stay in the ‘Sip” program, a program launched in 2022 to recruit talent to the Auditor’s Office and combat brain drain. This program pays for an accounting student’s tuition, books, and related fees throughout college on the condition that the student comes to work for the Office of the State Auditor for at least two years.

“If people wonder how we’ve recovered more money in the last five years than any other five-year period in the history of the Auditor’s Office, it’s because we’re recruiting top-tier auditors and investigators to work here,” said White. “Abney didn’t choose to go to Dallas, Nashville, or Atlanta. She chose to protect taxpayer money here at home.”

Abney joined the Stay in the ‘Sip program in the fall of 2022 before coming to work at the office as an intern in the summer of 2023. She finally joined as a full-time employee in October of 2023. Abney received her accounting degree and master’s from the University of Mississippi.

If you are interested in applying for the Stay in the ‘Sip Fellowship, visit www.stayinthesip.com.

State Auditor Shad White with Abney Brewer. (Courtesy photo)