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MDOT crews continue road cleanup

Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) crews continue to clear ice and snow from highways in north Mississippi in preparation for another round of snow this week.

Today, crews are plowing highways throughout the area to remove ice left by freezing rain and sleet Sunday and Monday. Crews are focusing on interstates and four-lane routes followed by two-lane routes. In most areas, sunshine is helping break up the ice, and wind will help dry out the roadways. South of Tupelo, along U.S. Highway 45 and U.S. Highway 82, snow clouds are lingering.

Current weather reports from the National Weather Service show another round of winter precipitation moving through Wednesday and Thursday.

MDOT crews will be monitoring highways and placing salt and slag on roadways to help lessen ice formation and increase traction. However, as temperatures drop down into the teens and single digits, salt becomes less effective and roadways could freeze.

Motorists are encouraged to limit travel if possible. If emergency or essential travel is required, motorists should drive to the conditions and slow down. During winter weather conditions, MDOT offers these safe driving tips:

  • Remember, ice will form on bridges and overpasses quicker than the road.
  • Slow down; should winter weather conditions become present, black ice can form.
  • Allow more space between the vehicles around you.
  • Brake early and gently to avoid skidding, and never slam on the brakes.
  • Avoid distractions, such as talking or texting on a cell phone.
  • Stay alert.

“MDOT will be monitoring the weather so the appropriate response efforts can be activated,” said Melinda McGrath, P.E., MDOT Executive Director. “The best thing you can do to stay safe is pay attention to local weather forecasts and advisories, and alerts from the Mississippi Highway Patrol and local law enforcement. Everyone should stay off the roads if they become unsafe for travel due to winter weather conditions.”

For more information and tips on how to prepare for winter weather conditions, visit GoMDOT.com/winter.

For real-time road conditions on Mississippi’s highways and bridges, visit MDOTtraffic.com and follow @MississippiDOT on Facebook and Twitter.

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