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Lottery introduces Cash 3 and Cash 4 twice-daily drawings

New Fireball feature adds more fun, more ways to win

The Mississippi Lottery is turning up the heat on Cash 3 and Cash 4 games, with twice-a-day drawings and the addition of a new feature called Fireball giving players more ways to win, beginning July 31.

Drawings for Cash 3 and Cash 4 will occur daily at 2:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

You can choose your own Cash 3 or Cash 4 numbers or use the Quick Pick option. Just choose a play type, a play amount and draw time. Give your lucky numbers even more chances to win by adding Fireball to your Cash 3 and Cash 4 plays for an additional $.50 or $1.00, depending on play type chosen.

Fireball is an additional drawing taking place at the same time as the Cash 3 and Cash 4 drawings. One single Fireball number – from zero to nine – will be drawn for the midday drawings and one for the late drawings.

With Fireball, players can replace any of the drawn numbers with the Fireball number, creating more combinations. Players can even win multiple times in the same play, by winning with the base game and with the Fireball.

Fireball doubles the price of each play, so, a $1 wager with Fireball costs $2, and a fifty-cent play costs $1. Players can play Fireball with any Cash 3 or Cash 4 play type selected.

To see the many ways to win with Fireball, pick up a how-to-play brochure at any Mississippi Lottery retailer or visit the Mississippi Lottery website at mslotteryhome.com. How-to-play videos will be available so you can learn all the options for playing Cash 3 and Cash 4 with Fireball.

To find out if a ticket is a winner, ask your local Mississippi Lottery retailer, check the Mississippi Lottery website, or catch the draw results on Mississippi Lottery partner television stations.

More fun, more often and more ways to win – play Cash 3 and Cash 4, and add Fireball. Get in the game, and have fun, y’all.

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