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Gunasekara announces fundraising results and campaign support

Mandy Gunasekara, a principled conservative and seasoned Republican energy strategist, proudly announces her recent fundraising success in her campaign for the Northern District Public Service Commissioner position. Mandy’s campaign has demonstrated strong momentum with a current cash on hand of $111,943.19 and a total raised to date of $155,368.82.

Gunasekara is running for the position in the August Republican primary against Tanner Newman, now on leave from the City of Tupelo to campaign, and state Rep. Chris Brown.

“I am humbled and grateful for the tremendous support our campaign has received,” Mandy stated. “Our fundraising success reflects the shared belief in our mission to put Mississippi first, ensure affordable and reliable energy, and protect the rights and values that are a foundation of our great state.”

Mandy, a seventh-generation Mississippian with a deep commitment to her state, has received overwhelming support from individuals who share her vision for a prosperous and energy-independent Mississippi. Her fundraising success is a testament to the confidence and trust the community has placed in her ability to champion their interests on the Public Service Commission. 

Throughout her career, Mandy has been at the forefront of the nation’s most consequential energy and environmental decisions. As Chief of Staff of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during the Trump administration, she played a pivotal role in cutting red tape and minimizing unnecessary interference from federal bureaucracy. Mandy’s leadership was instrumental in delivering results, including the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and her efforts to greenlight the Yazoo Backwater Pumps Project.

Mandy’s campaign has resonated with supporters who value her commitment to putting American energy first, promoting Mississippi-grown renewables, advocating for grid innovation, safeguarding free speech rights in the digital era, and defending Second Amendment rights. Her deep understanding of the energy industry and her dedication to conservative principles have attracted a broad coalition of individuals who believe in her ability to protect Mississippi’s interests and drive positive change. 

Mandy’s fundraising achievements underscore her ability to build strong connections within the community and her commitment to transparency and accountability in campaign financing. She remains focused on engaging with voters, listening to their concerns, and delivering tangible results that will positively impact the lives of Mississippians.

For more information about Mandy Gunasekara and her campaign, please visit her official website at

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