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Reeves campaign announces grassroot leaders

Gov. Tate Reeves has announced support from over 500 grassroots leaders from across the state of Mississippi to lead Team Tate re-election efforts in their local communities. 

“We are building our team from the ground up, and since the Governor launched his campaign a few weeks ago, we have seen overwhelming support from across the state,” said Campaign Manager Elliott Husbands.

“Today is a great example of the incredible team we are building to help us take on the national liberals and their allies,” said Gov. Reeves. “I want to personally thank the over 500 local officials who have signed up to help lead Team Tate  Influential local electeds, small business owners, teachers, and first responders continue to join our team because they know that Mississippi has momentum.”

In DeSoto County, the following have been identified as Grassroots Leaders for Gov. Reeves’ campaign:  

  •   Tony Jones
  •   Michael Hatcher
  •   Ellen Jernigan
  •   Jeff Hale
  •   Michael McLendon
  •   Kevin Blackwell
  •   David Parker
  •   Jim Robinson
  •   Brenda Wamble
  •   Lee Smart

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