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McRae endorses Trump for President

David McRae, State Treasurer of Mississippi, has announced his endorsement of Donald Trump for President and released the following statement regarding that endorsement:

“President Trump unleashed America’s economic potential. His America First agenda lowered energy costs, kept inflation in check, cut an unprecedented number of regulations, secured the southern border, and helped create good-paying jobs in Mississippi and beyond.

“Today, I ask Mississippians a question President Reagan once uttered: Are you better off today than you were four years ago? The answer is almost certainly a resounding ‘No!’

“Joe Biden has driven up the cost of gas and groceries. His woke economic policies have dampened retirement and college savings growth. He is weak on the border, dismissive of your constitutional liberties, and disconnected with the challenges Mississippians face.

“Simply put, Americans were better off under President Trump. Fortunately, I’m confident that under his leadership in 2024 and beyond, America can be made great again. Please join me in supporting Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.”

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