Desoto County News

Zivel: Elevating athletic performance through advanced recovery techniques

By Bailee Harris

Located in the Gatorade Fieldhouse, Zivel emerges as a recovery tool for athletes in DeSoto County and its neighboring regions. 

Services include compression, oxygen, cryotherapy, and infrared sauna therapies.  

John Tague, owner of Zivel Hernando, emphasizes the importance of recovery, stating, “I call it the triangle of being an athlete. You have your skill training, strength and conditioning training, and then you have to have a recovery. If you don’t put recovery in there, then we start to run into over usage with our kids because now they’re all specializing in one sport, and they play that sport 350 days a year.” 

Among Zivel’s offerings is the Normatec compression system, which aids in reducing swelling and expelling lactic acids from the muscles. The cryotherapy chambers and infrared saunas complement these efforts by reducing inflammation, while oxygen therapy enhances the benefits. 

Zivel’s impact extends beyond athletes who train within the Gatorade Fieldhouse, with athletes from local schools also embracing its benefits. Recognizing the significance of recovery, many school coaches are partnering with Zivel, with booster contributions helping to alleviate costs for student athletes. 

Varying pricing options are offered to all athletes. Tague shares, “If you’re a student athlete, it’s $99 a month for unlimited use. If you’re not a student athlete, it’s $150 a month. Your first time is always free, and then after that it’s about $40 a visit.” 

Specials are also available to students, law enforcement, and teachers. 

“It’s a great alternative to medication,” Tague says, emphasizing that Zivel is available to athletes of all ages. 

The results also go beyond physical recovery. 

“Another really interesting thing that I’m starting to see is the squeeze therapy and cryotherapy are both good for mental health. You get a nice serotonin release with cryotherapy. A lot of people are coming in here for their mental health.” 

Zivel is a recovery tool that all athletes should utilize in order to elevate their performance. 

“Our ice, compression, and elevation game need to get better, and that’s what this spa does,” Tague closes. 

Bailee Harris is a journalism student at Ole Miss-DeSoto and a reporter/contributor for DeSoto County News.