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Storm shelters opening in DeSoto County

Tornado shelters are being opened across DeSoto County tonight in anticipation of possible severe weather. Officials with DeSoto County Emergency Services said this is an action taken prior to a warning for residents who don’t feel comfortable sheltering within their home. This is not something you should drive to at the issuance of a warning. County officials encourage everyone to have a safe please designated in the innermost portion of your home or business-on the first floor-away from windows.

Following is the list of the DeSoto County tornado shelters:

We have listed the times by each shelter. We expect a tornado watch to be issued by 9pm or sooner. In the event that a watch is issued prior to 8pm the shelters listed with an 8pm opening time will open as soon as possible.

  • Southaven Community Safe Room – 7312 Highway 51N, Southaven
  • Hernando Elementary – 455 Riley Street, Hernando
  • Horn Lake Elementary – 6341 Ridgewood, Horn Lake, MS
  • Hope Sullivan Elementary – 7985 Southaven Circle West, Southaven
  • Lewisburg Elementary – 1717 Craft Road, Olive Branch, MS
  • Walls Elementary – 6131 Delta View Rd. Walls, MS
  • Olive Branch Elementary – 9549 Pigeon Roost Olive Branch