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Restaurants listed for DeSoto County Dining Week

Photo: Mesquite Chop House in Southaven is one of the several restaurants taking part in DeSoto County Dining Week. (Bob Bakken/

Great eating places around DeSoto County have said they will be part of DeSoto County Dining Week and more are signing up every day.  

As of Friday, Dec. 1, several restaurants, coffee shops and eateries, have announced their participation in the special deals to showcase the county’s restaurants and eating places during the week, Sunday, Jan. 21-Saturday, Jan. 27. Officials with DeSoto County Tourism, which is promoting the week, say more restaurants will be added ahead of the Jan. 21 start date. 

“DeSoto County Dining Week is all about spotlighting the restaurants, coffee houses and dessert shops that make our area so special,” said Jon Frost, DeSoto County Tourism Director. “It is our hope that this event serves as a new and exciting way for visitors and locals alike to experience our impressive culinary scene.”

DeSoto County attracts thousands of people each year for concerts, sporting events, and shopping, and when they do, they also learn about the variety and exceptional cuisine offerings that have them returning.  

During DeSoto County Dining Week, participants will be offering a special deal for the week, such as a percentage off a dish or drink, combo meal, or menu item sold at a special price. 

DeSoto County Tourism will promote the participating locations through a website, blog posts and an email newsletter. The restaurant receives a window cling to promote their involvement and media exposure will also promote Dining Week. 

Frost said many know about the great food attractions in DeSoto County and more will be pleasantly surprised and ready to come back when they visit the county’s restaurants during Dining Week.  

“DeSoto County’s restaurants, dessert shops and coffee houses are a force to be reckoned with,” Frost said. “From classic Southern dishes to desserts with unique twists and everything in between, our locally owned establishments go to great lengths to serve up items guests will love.”

Frost believes DeSoto County Dining Week provides a greater awareness to locals and visitors alike about how the dining industry attracts diners and contributes to the local economy.  

Following are the participating locations as of end of business day on Thursday, Nov. 30. An updated list is found on the DeSoto County Dining Week website after 9 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 1.  

Complete details are also found on the DeSoto County Dining Week website.  





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