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Olive Branch roadway improvement projects to begin   

Some Olive Branch residents can start expecting to see street improvements in their neighborhoods this year.

City officials Tuesday released a list of street projects it intends to do in 2023 as part of a five-year plan to improve all roadways in the city. The roadway improvement project is worth $10.8 million, according to city officials.  

Here are the projects planned for this year: 

  • Widening to a 5-lane Road & Overlay of Pleasant Hill Road from 302 to Douglas Drive
  • Connecting Malone Road from Church Road to Nail Road
  • Installing Signal at Craft and 178 (Developer Dependent)
  • Interchange lights at Craft Road and 78
  • Overlay of Davidson Road from 302 to Ivy Trail Drive
  • Overlay of Church Road from Malone Road to 305
  • Overlay Craft Road from Church Road to South of College Road (City Limits)
  • Fog and Crack Seal Camp Creek Blvd.  (Possible Lane Re-Configuration)
  • Overlay of Alexander Road from 302 to Old Goodman Road 
  • Overlay of Hacks Cross Road from 302 to 178
  • Interchange lights at Bethel Road and 78
  • Signal installation at Braybourne
  • Complete rebuild of Yahweh Road and Stateline Roads 
  • Road connection of Douglas Drive between Pleasant Hill Road to Davidson Drive

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