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Olive Branch police to check for non-resident car tags staying in the city

An area that Olive Branch officials have received a growing number of complaints about is people living in the city who do not have Mississippi license tags on their vehicles.  

According to a news release from City Hall, Mayor Ken Adams is getting numerous calls expressing concerns that vehicles with out-of-state tags have a permanent place in city subdivisions. 

As a result, the police department is going to start “blitzing” subdivisions and checking for violators. City officials stress that Olive Branch residents should be expected to have Mississippi license tags on their vehicles if they live in the city.  

Anyone who is found to intentionally not have a Mississippi tag on their vehicle while living in the state can expect to get a standard fine of $659.28 in Olive Branch Municipal Court. 

It’s not the first time Adams has stepped out to address an area where people from out of state may be trying to take advantage of enjoying his city’s amenities without paying their fair share of the cost.  

In January, Adams called on state legislators to draft a bill in Jackson that would charge out-of-district parents with a misdemeanor if found to have registered their children into DeSoto County Schools without having DeSoto County residency.  He pointed out at the time that it costs about $9,000 a year to educate a student and there are only a limited number of seats in the classroom.  

A bill crafted by state Sen. Michael McLendon was offered, but it died in committee.  

“We encourage residents who have an out-of-state license plate to obtain a Mississippi tag in order to avoid a court appearance and possible fine,” said Adams.  

For questions about motor vehicle licensing in the state of Mississippi, visit the Department of Revenue website.

9 thoughts on “Olive Branch police to check for non-resident car tags staying in the city

  • Sherry Morgan

    Clearly people do not have lives if this is their concern for a mayor! Sad world we are living in for sure!!!

    • Lynn Holley

      I’ve been living in MS for 18 years and this has been an ongoing issue with those crossing the state line & not paying their fair share of taxes. My brother has children in DeSoto County schools and the ballooning increase of students over the years is just ridiculous because everyone wants to leave Shelby County yet not pay what is required. If you want to go to better schools & live in a better community…not only pay more for your housing but for it all. Or pay the price one way or another. Only fair for all!


    Watch & record the car tags making payments at the drive thru pay window at City Hall. The city of Olive Branch is losing valuable tax funds over the out of state tags. It is time to stop this illegal practice.

  • 2 Time War Veteran

    This is Hog Wash.. there are People that have Tags that stay in the City who are doing way more Wrong than this.. Who has time to sit and watch for Car Tags? I and My Wife constantly get pulled over for Window Tint, and My Tag clearly states that I’m a 100% Disabled Combat Veteran. I have Photophobia from Exposure to Blasts, so I’m sensitive to Light. but No One Cares about that, We are constantly Harassed and for what? It is a State Issued Tag, and the State verified My Disability in order to get the Tag and allow the Window Tint

    • Lynn Holley

      If you have an issued MS tag…what is your complaint? If it continues due to the tint, take it up with the Police Chief & Mayor. The out-of-state tags are illegal & should be corrected due to the reasons stated. It’s only because the Tennesseans don’t want to pay the tax for the vehicle value when getting a MS tag. Plain & simple.

  • Glynn Wright

    Thank you Mayor Adams for addressing this issue. As i drive around Olive Branch I see dozens of cars with TN tags on them on just a short drive. Many of which turn into subdivision around 5 to 6pm in the evening. Too bad at the state level they could not respond to the problem. Many of these Memphis drivers are bringing their bad driving habits with them, that I see, when I have to drive in Memphis, which I try to avoid if possible. They need to slow down and enjoy this safer city that we are because of our great police force. They are not perfect but from the few times I have had to interact with them, they are always polite and courteous.

  • Cindy Ingram

    Hernando needs to do the same thing. I pass Shelby County tags every morning leaving Hernando. DCS needs to do the same thing. You see parents parking down subdivision streets dropping their kids off every morning with Shelby County tags.

  • Dizzy Harris

    So here’s a question. If the car is purchased and registered under two people, and one of those two people moves to DeSoto. Can the Vehicle keep its current “out-of-state” tags since one of the registered owners of the vehicle lives in the county where the vehicle’s tags are issued?


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