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District Attorney’s Office releases Most Wanted Bad Check Writers 

The DeSoto County District Attorney’s Office has released its most wanted list of suspects currently sought by the Bad Check Unit. These individuals, identified as Noorah Velani, John Carthon, Laura King, Robvert Poindexter, Cornelius Freeman, and Roxana Urbina,  collectively owe victims more than $56,000 in restitution. 

As District Attorney Matthew Barton approaches his 100-day mark in office, the office is intensifying efforts to collect on bad checks and send a stern message to those who have written a bad check: pay up or get locked up.  

“These are not individuals who inadvertently bounced a check; these are bad actors who  deliberately sought to defraud victims,” stated District Attorney Matthew Barton. “Whether it’s a  small business or an individual, someone is owed restitution. We aim to deter others from  engaging in this criminal behavior by enhancing our efforts to combat bad check fraud.” 

While instances of check writing have decreased over the years, the list of individuals passing bad checks continues to grow, potentially leading to incarceration.  

Once a warrant has been issued, complete payment, with associated court costs, must be made promptly, in full, and will include associated court costs. Therefore, individuals who recognize their involvement in writing a bad check and owing restitution are urged to contact the District Attorney’s Office immediately to fulfill their financial obligations. Doing so may result in the recall of the warrant and, in most cases, prevent an arrest and jail time.  

For those individuals on the list who do not voluntarily surrender, the DA’s Office encourages anyone with information about their whereabouts to contact the Bad Check Unit directly at 662-469-8011. 

District Attorney Barton emphasized the importance of community cooperation in bringing  offenders to justice and ensuring that victims receive the restitution they are owed.

“Small  businesses are critical to our economy. By working together, we can hold bad actors accountable and ensure these small businesses, who are already hit hard in today’s economy, are paid,” he concluded.