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Olive Branch airport gets MDOT grant

The Mississippi Transportation Commission Thursday, July 13 announced the award of approximately $5.3 million in funding for multi-modal transportation projects throughout the Northern District. 

The Commission approved the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to award grants to regional and municipal airports, ports, railroads and public transit organizations throughout Mississippi.

Among the grant awards was nearly $500,000 to the Olive Branch Airport for work on the south apron at the airport.  

Friday, Olive Branch Mayor Ken Adams provided additional details on the project.

“The proposed project consists of rehabilitation of the south apron at the Olive Branch Airport (OLV),” Adams said. “The entire apron’s condition is ready for rehabilitation but due to the elevated budget of the project, it has been divided in phases with the main apron funding being sought from other funding sources. The grant application for Multi-Modal funds 2024 includes design and construction cost for the southwest part of the apron and will provide access to the proposed hangars and self-serve AV-Gas. The construction will be comprised of site preparation including temporary erosion control, pavement edge grading, limited areas of pavement reconstruction, cold milling of approximately two inches of asphalt, sealing of underlying cracks, replacement of approximately two inches of new asphalt and pavement markings. The project will include seeding at the completion. The total project is estimated at $525,350.00 for the rehabilitation to bring this section of the south apron back to a condition that will provide a safe environment for all.”  

Adams added, “MDOTs grant will allow us to further enhance the airport and continue to serve the citizens of North Mississippi and the surrounding area. I am appreciative that MDOT Executive Director Brad While and Northern Transportation Commissioner John Caldwell partnered with me to further develop Olive Branch’s airport.”

“The numbers and sizes of these awards continue to grow,” said Commissioner John Caldwell, Northern Transportation District. “Next year should be even better, so applicants should get their projects ready.” 

Funding for these multimodal grants comes from the Multimodal Transportation Improvement Fund.  Money from this fund is allocated specifically to support multimodal grants each year. Grant applications, which include project details and funds requested, are reviewed and approved by a multimodal committee specific to each mode of transportation.

Four ports received funding

Yellow Creek State Port Authority, $382,660 – equipment and material storage building improvements.

Lowndes County Port Authority, $692,714 – install monopiles at the port.

City of Aberdeen-Port of Aberdeen, $538,860 – construct a secondary rail spur at the port.

Itawamba County Port Commission, $311,355 – purchase bulk handling equipment for the port.

Nine airports received funding

City of Houston, $72,527 – reconstruct the runway at the Houston Municipal Airport.

George Bryan Field, $192,185 – design the expansion of the main ramp at George M. Bryan Field.

Corinth – Alcorn County, $134,420 – replace the hangar door on hangar B7 at Roscoe Turner Field.

City of Louisville, $137,040 – renovate hangar C and rehab the west ramp at Louisville-Winston County Airport.

Booneville-Baldwyn Airport, $98,988 – support FAA project to overlay the runway, taxiway and apron at the Booneville-Baldwyn Airport.

Monroe County Board of Supervisors, $265,270 – rehabilitate a hangar at the Monroe County Airport.

Golden Triangle Regional Airport, $432,000 – expand the terminal building at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport.

City of Olive Branch, $499,082 – rehabilitate the south apron at the Olive Branch Airport.

City of Columbus, $600,000 – construct a hangar at the Columbus-Lowndes County Airport.

Four public transits received funding

Aaron Henry Community Health Services, $70,000 – support project for vehicle match and vehicle insurance.

Oxford University Transit, $10,000 – support vehicle match for transit system.

Northeast Mississippi Community Services, $97,776 – support project for vehicle insurance.

Mississippi Valley State University Mass Transit, $41,000 – support project for vehicle match and vehicle insurance.

Two railroads received funding.

Itawamba County Rail Authority, $396,000 – rehabilitate 1,000 feet for track along the Itawamba Mississippian Railroad.

Yellow Creek Inland State Port, $391,856 – replace crossties along the Yellow Creek Port north access rail line.

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