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Impact Marketing add impact to marketing solutions

He has been involved in promoting and finding solutions for businesses through broadcast media means for years. But Glenn Freeman now has more ways than just a radio ad to help improve a company’s bottom line as owner of Impact Marketing, which was the organizer of Monday’s Mid-South Business Expo and Job Fair at the Landers Center in Southaven.  

“We’ve got a lot of exhibitors, from local, regional and national,” Freeman said. “Some are showcasing their business, but the majority of them are here with employers and recruiters, all under one roof at the Landers Center. Salaries are going up and wages are going up and we have a lot of employers looking to hire today.”

From left, Austin, Ashton, and Glenn Freeman cut a ribbon to open Monday’s Mid-South Business Expo and Job Fair. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

Until last year, Freeman was a top advertising executive and consultant in the Memphis broadcast media market. After two years as an account executive for Clear Channel Broadcasting, Freeman became the General Sales Manager for Mighty Media, a broadcasting company that included The Rebel 95.3 radio. Shortly after taking on the position Freeman became Senior Marketing Consultant for Rebel 95.3, a position he held for more than 12 years. 

But with Impact Marketing, Freeman said he can use much more than just a radio ad to get a business’ message to potential customers.  

“We’re a full-service advertising and marketing agency,” Freeman said. “We do everything from promotional items to apparel, and we help businesses analyze and navigate through all of the different media that’s out there.”  

In navigating through a plan with a business, Impact Marketing, which also includes daughter Ashton and son Austin as part of the company, can do much more than just place an ad or a billboard.  

“We help them understand what’s available, match up their demographics for what they’re trying to accomplish, and put in their budget,” Freeman said. “We also do some of the more modern types of marketing, through digital ad delivery, social media. We can really come in and provide complete solutions from start to finish.”

Services provided through Impact Marketing include social media, custom advertising packages, listing management, digital strategy, and media and print.  

For more information, visit the Impact Marketing website.  

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