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Morgan new Northwest Director of Workforce Solutions and Community Services

Photo: Elizabeth Morgan, director of Workforce Solutions and Community Services, at Northwest Mississippi Community College. (Photo credit: Alyssa Pirani)

Northwest Mississippi Community College has announced that Chicago native Elizabeth Morgan is their new director of Workforce Solutions and Community Services.

Morgan received her bachelor’s in communications from Northern Illinois and then her master’s in education from the University of Mississippi.

Morgan, who is now a longtime employee at Northwest, said that knowledge gave her a solid foundation to prepare her for this role. Throughout her time at Northwest, she’s learned the ropes leading her to this new position.

“I was definitely excited with a bit of fear sprinkled in because this role is unlike any other position that I’ve held in my career,” Morgan said. “However, I have been able to take much of what I’ve learned and apply those experiences to this position. I can say without a doubt I absolutely adore all the people I work with and am so excited to collaborate and uncover all the possibilities the workforce division is and will become!”

Outside of work, Morgan said she loves spending time with her family watching Jeopardy, even though she said she’s awful at trivia. Her family often has game nights playing games from Phase 10 to Mexican Train. She said only people close to her know how truly competitive she is and that she hates to lose. But when she’s not doing that, she loves watching birds or watching “Friends,” which she said is her favorite sitcom and is a part of her nightly routine.

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