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Home of Jerry Lee Lewis to be turned into a museum

Photo: Gate of the Lewis Ranch, where music legend Jerry Lee Lewis lived in Nesbit. (Bob Bakken/

By Bailee Harris

Jerry Lee Lewis, famous pianist and rock n’ roll legend, rose to worldwide fame and 

was known all over, but found his home in DeSoto County.  

He resided at his Lewis Ranch in Nesbit, is a six-bedroom, six-bath property featuring a piano-shaped swimming pool. 

Lewis passed away in 2022 at the age of 87, leaving the future of his home uncertain. 

That changed when Todd Herendeen, who is set to close on the home in July, announced that the estate would be turned into a museum. He made the announcement in a Facebook post Monday evening and later told more about his plans with DeSoto County News.

Herendeen shared, “I bought it with the intent to build something that could honor Jerry Lee’s career and something the family could be proud of, the fans could be proud of, and the community could be proud of.” 

Herendeen is the owner of Todd Herendeen Theatre, a concert show room and buffet in Panama City Beach, Florida. The shows feature music from Jerry Lee Lewis’ era, such as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. 

Called the Lewis Ranch Experience, the grounds will be available for fans to tour, as well as the house that will feature memorabilia, and Lewis’ garage will be the site for ticket purchasing and a gift shop. The museum will be a more hands-on experience than the typical expectations. 

“We are acquiring as much as we can that belonged to him and was there at the house,” Herendeen stated. 

The Lewis Ranch is in a prime location, less than half an hour drive to Elvis Presley’s residence, Graceland, in Memphis. Herendeen explained that he hopes to work with Graceland closely in order to commemorate both of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members. 

“For the fans, it’s an added experience. People come to Memphis for Sun Studios and Graceland, and those are awesome. But I’ve always felt like Jerry Lee was the missing link. His name was there, but an actual shrine for him doesn’t exist.” Herendeen continues, “I feel like this is the missing piece of the puzzle that adds that icing on the cake for all of those people that are coming for those things, and now they get to experience what ‘The Killer’ was about.” 

Regarding the opening, Herendeen stated, “Our hope and plans are to be open sometime in September. We are going to do a big birthday celebration and mini concert on Jerry Lee’s birthday.” 

Herendeen closes, “Come and experience what you didn’t get to live.” 

Bailee Harris is a reporter/contributor for DeSoto County News