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District Attorney and Mississippians Against Human Trafficking partnership

District Attorney Matthew Barton has announced a joint effort between Mississippians Against Human Trafficking (MSAHT) and the District Attorney’s Office, a first for DeSoto County and the office. The announcement commemorates the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day of

Jan. 11 and the National Human Trafficking Month, both of which are dedicated to help raise awareness about human trafficking and how to end it.

“Human trafficking is not just in third world countries, it is right here in Mississippi,” Barton said. “In fact, in 2021, Mississippi had the second-highest rate of human trafficking cases in the nation, and I am committed to eradicating it in DeSoto County. Together, we will hold those who run this modern-day slave industry accountable and bring justice to their victims.”

Special Victims Advocate Carmen Bechel of the District Attorney’s Office will spearhead the partnership. Bechel has been instrumental in bridging the gap between those who fight to end it and the community by helping raise awareness and educating the community about the harsh truth of human trafficking.

“As the Executive Director of MSAHT, I highly appreciate and value this partnership,” said Heather Bradley. “The District Attorney’s Office of the 23rd Judicial District is an integral part of our cooperative efforts, which involve various stakeholders in the region who are equally committed to eliminating human trafficking in DeSoto County.”

Mississippians Against Human Trafficking is a statewide nonprofit that has been formed to facilitate collaboration with regional task forces, law enforcement, victim service providers, state agencies, schools, churches and medical professionals.

To help raise public awareness, the District Attorney’s Office of the 23rd Judicial District will be sharing information and resources on social media, throughout the month of January. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, call 888-373-7888 or text BeFree (233733).

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