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Craft Road Widening Phase Two Starts

The much anticipated Craft Road Widening Project is set to begin Phase Two at the end of the month.  The project begins at the end of the current five lanes south of Bethel road and will continue to Harrier Drive.

Key Information about Construction:

  • Construction begins May 25, 2021
  • Construction expected to end February, 2022
  • Two lanes will remain open during construction
  • Lanes will shift to side opposite of construction
  • Crews will begin construction on the east side lanes
  • Lanes will shift during construction to side opposite of crews
  • Mailboxes along the route will be relocated to retain mail service
  • Clearly marked traffic control signs will be posted early

When construction is complete, there will be two lanes in each direction and a turn lane.

The project is in Supervisor Michael Lee’s District, who said,  “The area to be widened has extremely high traffic, as the enrollment at Lewisburg schools grows, the traffic on that road grows. We’re trying to stay ahead of that with this road expansion.”

The Board of Supervisors wants to make sure there is good communication during this project. A pre-construction meeting was held last week to make sure the contractor, school district, Sheriff’s Department, and road department to ensure proper communication continues through the entire process. 

Citizens who have concerns or questions are asked to go to the DeSoto County official website and click on the “Report Concerns” button on the home page.

DeSoto County Government news release

Photo: An area of Craft Road from Bethel Road to Harrier Drive is being widened as Phase Two of the DeSoto County road project. (Bob Bakken/DeSoto County News)

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