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Friday update: County, Waste Pro answer questions on collection issues

Friday evening update: DeSoto County Government provided the following information about Waste Pro garbage collection in unincorporated areas of the county:

Latest Waste Pro update as of 6:00 pm on Friday 3/24/23

Saturday: Waste Pro has informed the County it will run the garbage and recycling routes not completed Thursday and Friday. Waste Pro has told the County If your garbage or recycle has not been serviced this week, please leave it at the curb throughout the weekend.

If either is not serviced over the weekend, on Monday, please call the Board of Supervisors Office of Environmental Services at 662-469-8152. (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Reminder: According to Waste Pro beginning Monday, March 27, Waste Pro will service both garbage and recycle together for the next 2 weeks to try and catch up on routes.

DeSoto County officials Friday, March 23, provided the following information about the struggles of Waste Pro and garbage pickup in rural parts of DeSoto County. The collection service contracted to pick up waste in unincorporated DeSoto County has had several problems come up to prevent them from staying on schedule.

The following comes from DeSoto County Government:
For the past few weeks, Waste Pro has been unable to perform the recycling collections as required by the terms of the collection’s agreement. Waste Pro has also had difficulty finishing some daily garbage routes – leading to delays in trash pickup.

Why the problems? Waste Pro has informed the County that its trucks keep breaking down and they haven’t been able to get parts to fix them.  Plus, Waste Pro leaders say they are having difficulties getting people to work.

Why can’t you tell me when it will be picked up?  DeSoto County has repeatedly asked for daily updates and for collection plans from Waste Pro. The information we receive isn’t nearly as often or as detailed as we requested. When we do get information, we post it on our Facebook page.

What’s being done now? The Board of Supervisors has approved Waste Pro’s request for a special accommodation to allow for the combined collection of recycling and garbage containers for a period of two weeks starting Monday, March 27 through Friday, April 7. This will allow all of Waste Pro’s operating trucks to focus on garbage collection. After the two weeks, Waste Pro is advising recycling collections are to resume.

What about the future? Waste Pro has a six year contract with DeSoto County that ends September 30, 2023. DeSoto County requested proposals from companies to provide solid waste collection starting October 1, 2023. The County is now reviewing and negotiating those proposals with other waste providers. Waste Pro did not submit a proposal to continue with collections after September 30, 2023.

What do County Waste Pro customers need to do?  Customers are being asked to put their garbage and recycling carts to the streets as usual. During the two week period, Waste Pro will dump both into the garbage truck. 

The DeSoto County Board of Supervisors appreciates everyone’s understanding during this difficult time.  Updates will be made on the DeSoto County Facebook page.

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