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County remains in top third for state COVID-19 infections

We may not think about it as much and we may not talk about it as much, but the COVID-19 virus is still with us and people continue to be infected by it.  

DeSoto County is certainly not immune to COVID-19 and is in the top third for infection rates in the state of Mississippi. That’s according to a new report released by Stacker, which is a website that provides data journalism information to news organizations.  

In the latest report, Stacker took data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and vaccination date from Covid Act Now to compile a list of counties with the highest COVID-19 infection rates in the state. The counties were ranked by the highest infection rate per 100,000 population, leading up to Oct. 27, the latest date that information is available.  

The results ranked DeSoto County at number 19 in Mississippi for COVID-19 infections. According to the Stacker-gathered data, new cases per 100,000 population did drop by two percent during the week of Oct. 27 to 62, for a total of 114 new cases.  

Cumulative cases in the county were 57,941 with 569 total deaths from the virus. The number of deaths from COVID-19 in DeSoto County is 29.4 percent less per capita than the statewide result. 

According to Stacker, just 57 percent of the DeSoto County population is fully vaccinated for COVID-19. 

The county ranked number one in Mississippi for infections is Tishomingo, where infections grew by 54 percent in the one-week period to 191 per capita. Second is Noxubee County, followed by Tallahatchie, Washington and Alcorn counties in the top five. 

Other area counties ranked in the top 50 are Marshall (15) and Tunica (48). 

The complete report on the top 50 Mississippi COVID-19 infections is found on the Stacker website.  

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