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Conger Park Playground damaged by fallen tree

Photo: Conger Park Playground, recently renovated, was recently damaged when a tree at the playground was felled by storm winds. (Courtesy photo)

Hernando’s Conger Park Playground was recently damaged when a storm blew a large tree onto the playground equipment.  The longstanding center of the park has now been closed as city officials assess the damage and start to plan for its repair.  

We asked Hernando Parks Director Jared Barkley for an update on the damage and when youngsters may be able to play at the playground again.  

DCN: Do you have some idea about a timeline for repair of the playground and when it might become available again?

Barkley: Closing the playground and the impacted area as well as tree clean up is underway this week.  Tree removal will begin later this week or early next week, weather permitting.  Right now, we are in constant communication with our wonderful community partner, the Maddox Foundation, who was a main supporter of the recent renovation of the Conger Park playground.  Next steps and a timetable will be clearer once the tree is removed from the structure and the extent of the damage can be fully assessed.

DCN: Any estimate on the cost?

Barkley: We do not have an idea about the cost of the damage at this point.  Once the tree is removed, we will be able to assess that better.

DCN: How about the rest of the park, has it been reopened?

Barkley: The rest of Conger Park is open to be used for everything except the playground and the area sectioned off with caution tape.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as we and the contractors work as quickly and safely as possible towards a rebuild and reopening of the playground.

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