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Board of Aldermen meeting notes

Photo: Image details the area for the Serenity Pointe subdivision approved by Southaven aldermen Tuesday night. (Credit City of Southaven)

Here’s an update on Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meetings in DeSoto County: 

In OLIVE BRANCH, board members approved additional expenditures this calendar year of approximately $1.5 million to continue resurfacing of streets. The board approved Mayor Ken Adams’ recommendation to require firework stands to not be erected prior to June 1 (14 days preceding the June 15 through July 5 period) and prior to November 26 (14 days preceding the Dec. 10 through Jan. 2 period). Any temporary structures used for the purpose or in conjunction with the sale of fireworks at a fireworks location must be removed by July 15 (10 days following the June 15 through July 5 period) and January 12 (10 days following the Dec. 10 through Jan. 2 period).

Board members also heard from representatives with Focal Point, LLC, the developer of the Cascades. It was requested that the board assist with sewer connectivity needed for the 170 acre, $300 million dollar project. 

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is requiring developer-funded improvements on state Highway 305 totaling approximately $6 million to 7 million dollars.  

“This is higher than the developer anticipated and they asked the Board of Aldermen to consider funding a portion of their anticipated $1 million sewer improvements,” Mayor Ken Adams said.

Focal Point LLC has been asked to put their request in writing for the Mayor and Board of Aldermen after city staff recommendations are received.

SOUTHAVEN aldermen gave the go-ahead for a new subdivision development called Serenity Pointe, located east of Tchulahoma Road and north of Nail Road. SMJ Enterprise of Memphis is the applicant for the Planned Unit Development, which includes 34 homes. The access for this phase comes directly off of Tchulahoma Road with a boulevard style design. Two large common open spaces would be located on both sides of the entryway area and are two “stub outs” for future development.  

HERNANDO aldermen discussed making Hall Road a “No Truck Zone” after discussion about the damage trucks have caused when turning around near a gas station at Hall Road and Nesbit Road, according to Alderman Ben Piper.

“I think we’ve repaired it 3-4 times since we’ve taken office,” Piper said. “We’ve looked at concreting it but the price is fairly high, so we’re trying to discourage larger trucks from pulling out into the street.”

Piper moved to have Public Safety and Engineering find the best recommendation for the Hall Road truck zone requirement, a motion that was passed by the board.  

Board members also had discussion on allowing an adjustment to water bills to relieve the DCRUA fee when filling a swimming pool, but tabled action on the issue until the next meeting Oct. 17. 

HORN LAKE city officials recently said it was changing to a new garbage collection service, ADSI, and Tuesday night approved new rates in conjunction with the change. The new rate was not specifically mentioned during the lengthy meeting, it is believed to be more than two dollars a month more than the $17 a month rate under the previous contract with Waste Connections. ADSI had bid $19.29 a month when it won the contract from Waste Connections and Waste Pro.