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Baptist-DeSoto offers new therapy for heart failure patients

Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto recently began offering cardiac contractibility modulation therapy, recommended for class III heart failure patients who remain symptomatic despite following recommended medical directions and medications.

CCM therapy delivers precisely timed electrical pulses through an implanted Optimizer device to improve the heart’s contraction resulting in heart failure symptom improvement in 81 percent of patients.

“We are excited to offer a new option to heart failure patients who may have had little hope for improved heart health in DeSoto County,” said Brian Hogan, administrator and chief executive officer for Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto. “Through this procedure, patients experience a better quality of life, have renewed energy and can resume their normal routines.”

The Optimizer system is implanted under the skin of the upper chest during a minimally invasive procedure that requires little recovery time. The device is expected to provide CCM therapy for up to 20 years.