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DA’s office adds to Zimmerman reward offering

Zimmerman was arrested in Southaven last fall on charges in murder in Houston, Texas

Photo: Joshua James Zimmerman (Courtesy photo)

TUESDAY, JULY 2 UPDATE: As Joshua Zimmerman remains at large following his escape from the DeSoto County Courthouse on June 14, DeSoto County District Attorney Matthew Barton has announced his office has increased its reward for Zimmerman’s capture.

“When it comes to this case, we’re not taking our foot off the pedal,” said Barton. “The U.S. marshals, who are experts at tracking down fugitives, have our full support until he’s caught. That’s why we are deploying every resource at our disposal to help them hunt down, apprehend, and bring this violent criminal back to DeSoto County to face the consequences of his actions. Today, we’re increasing our portion of the reward for Joshua Zimmerman to match their $10,000, bringing the total to $20,000.”

The amount from Barton’s office now matches the amount the Marshals Service had offered for Zimmerman’s return.

SUNDAY, JUNE 30 UPDATE: The search for escaped murderer Joshua Zimmerman has made a new turn with additional reward money being offered for his capture from a known bounty hunter.

Duane Lee Chapman, known as Dog the Bounty Hunter from television, posted on his Instagram page that he has added reward money for Zimmerman’s capture, saying the reward amount is now $20,000 for Zimmerman.

As of Sunday, Zimmerman, sought by the U.S. Marshals Service and DeSoto County authorities, remains at large after he left the DeSoto County Courthouse on June 14 ahead of a scheduled hearing.

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THURSDAY, JUNE 27 UPDATE: The U.S. Marshals Service Thursday announced it has raised the reward amount for Joshua Zimmerman up to $15,000: including $5,000 from the DeSoto County District Attorney’s office and now $10,000 from the Marshals Service.

The reward increase was announced on the Marshals Service X site:

Zimmerman remains at large after his escape from the DeSoto County Courthouse before a scheduled hearing appearance on Friday, June 14.

MONDAY, JUNE 17 UPDATE: The DeSoto County District Attorney’s Office has added $5,000 to the reward money, making the total reward amount to $10,000 for information that leads to the identity and capture of Joshua Zimmerman.

A release from the District Attorney’s Office Monday said Zimmerman is sought for murder in Houston, Texas, escape in DeSoto County, and absconding in a case from Connecticut.

When he escaped, Zimmerman was being held on attempted murder and armed robbery in Southaven, He was in the process of being extradited back to Harris County, Texas on a murder charges. More details are found below.

WMC-TV in Memphis Saturday reported that the U.S. Marshals Service had offered a reward of up $5,000 for information that leads to the capture of Joshua James Zimmerman, who escaped from the DeSoto County Courthouse on Friday morning, June 14. Click here for more on the report.

Zimmerman was originally captured in Southaven on murder charges allegedly killing a woman in September 2023. We reported on the capture in DeSoto County News in October 2023.

FRIDAY EVENING UPDATE: At 6:25 p.m. on Friday, June 14, DeSoto County Sheriff’s officials said they had reason to believe that Joshua James Zimmerman had left the immediate area. The public was warned that if Zimmerman was spotted to not make contact with him but call authorities immediately. Officials said the search for Zimmerman was an ongoing investigation .

Zimmerman, an inmate at the DeSoto County Adult Detention Center, escaped Friday morning from the DeSoto County Courthouse in Hernando where he was scheduled for a hearing. Zimmerman had previously been arrested and charged by the Southaven Police Department with multiple felonies, including attempted murder.