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Accidents greet morning drivers in DeSoto County

Icy roads greeted DeSoto County drivers Thursday morning, with weather officials having declared a winter weather advisory and freezing rain glazing the roadways.

Several accidents clogged I-55 with southbound traffic south of Church Road being shut down for a time during the 8 a.m. hour Thursday morning.  

There were no immediate reports of injuries but the ice-covered roads caused extra-slow traffic and calls for residents to stay off the highways to avoid becoming the next driver in the ditch, median, or colliding with another vehicle.  

Accidents across DeSoto County were taxing officers being called on to cover and investigate,

Police have announced an inclement weather crash policy where drivers involved in accidents where there are no injuries and where no vehicles are towed away are asked to exchange information, including insurance, and then have five days to report the accident to police.  This is being done to make officers more available to investigate more serious accidents.  

Here are phone numbers for road conditions in Mississippi and nearby states:

Thursday evening, the Mississippi Department of Transportation said travel was not recommended between Grenada and the Tennessee state line.

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