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Lewis: Moving guide to find the best small town for family

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By Don Lewis

Moving your family and business to a new small town can be a huge undertaking, but it can also bring lots of fun opportunities. The key is to do some research and find the right town that fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs, and fortunately, there are lots of resources available these days that make that task a little easier. Below are some ideas to help you get started.

Research Affordability

The first step in finding the right area is considering affordability. Many small towns tend to be less expensive than larger urban communities, but it just depends on where you’re looking. Do some research on different areas, consider your budget, look at local taxes, and read reviews. Once you find the perfect place to live, it’s important to factor in living expenses such as groceries, utilities, gas prices, and the cost of childcare.

Check Out the Schools

If you’re looking for a place to raise a family or start a business, then it’s important to consider the quality of school districts in the area, notes Glass House Real Estate. Look into test scores for each district as well as extracurricular activities offered by each school. If possible, set up a tour of the schools your children will be attending; points out that this will not only give you peace of mind, but will also help to relieve some anxiety on their part.

Update Your Resume

If you haven’t already landed a great job in your new area, it’s crucial to prepare for the search. Be sure to revise your resume and update it with the most current information so you can showcase your skills. You can look for an online template that allows you to customize your resume in a professional layout. Additionally, many towns offer job fairs which can help connect you with potential employers in the area.

Set Up Your Business

If part of why you’re moving involves starting or moving a business, then it’s important to take into account factors such as zoning laws within certain cities; availability of local resources like banks/suppliers; customer base already established within city limits; and taxes associated with setting up shop within said city limits. Depending on the type of business being started, these could all play huge roles when deciding which small town would be the best fit for successful operation.

You’ll also want to research a town’s business culture and opportunity for growth. It’s important to be assigned an EIN (aka Tax ID Number) as a way to identify your business and how the IRS tracks payroll taxes. Plus, having an EIN paves the way for an easier time when you file state and federal taxes, whether annually or quarterly. 

Unpack and Decorate

After the hustle of moving, the act of unpacking offers a unique opportunity to set the tone for your life in a new city. Approach this task mindfully, taking time to thoughtfully organize and curate your space. Begin by prioritizing essential items for immediate comfort and functionality. Then, as you delve deeper into boxes, evaluate each item’s purpose and place in your new home. This process not only helps in decluttering but also aids in redefining and personalizing your space. 

Furthermore, decorating plays a pivotal role in making an unfamiliar space feel like home. Incorporate decor that resonates with your personal style, whether it’s cherished keepsakes or new items that reflect the vibe of your new city. Go online to find ideas and inspiration!

Address Any Necessary Home Repairs

Tackling necessary repairs or updates in a new home is of paramount importance as it paves the way for a smoother and more enjoyable settling-in process. Addressing issues like leaky roofs, faulty plumbing, or outdated fixtures not only ensures the safety and functionality of the space but also creates a sense of comfort and peace of mind. These repairs or updates can enhance the overall quality of life, making the transition into a new home more seamless and less stressful. 

Additionally, using a home repair and maintenance app to schedule a qualified contractor for fixing or restoring any damage early on can prevent potential larger problems down the road, saving both time and money in the long term. Ultimately, a well-maintained and updated home provides a solid foundation for a happier and more contented life in your new residence.

Settle Into the Community

After the relocation process is complete, it’s finally time to settle into a new community. By getting involved with local organizations such as churches and libraries; joining clubs related to hobbies; volunteering at local charities; or attending festivals hosted by the city throughout the year, newcomers can build relationships within their new environment while also feeling right at home. Look for ways to get your whole family involved so they can benefit from these new connections too.

Reduce Stress by Being Prepared

Making a move can be a stressful process whether you’re familiar with the area or not, and it can take a toll on your family as well. By taking steps to prepare everyone for the move, looking up old friends, and updating your resume, you’ll feel better about the entire process. Be sure to stay organized throughout so that nothing important gets overlooked.

Note: Don Lewis is the founder of the Idaho-based, started following his son Randy’s motorcycle accident that resulted in Randy suffering a severe head trauma. Lewis uses the website to provide a resource for family members of people with disabilities.

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