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Off-duty Sheriff stops gunman at New Albany Walmart while shopping

An off-duty Sheriff shopping at the store stopped a person who pulled a gun on another shopper at New Albany Walmart.

From New Albany Police Chief:
Union County 911 started receiving calls that there was an incident with a gun inside Walmart. Officers were dispatched at 4:29 pm and officers were on scene at 4:30 pm. While responding, officers received information that shots had been fired inside Walmart. As officers entered Walmart they were directed to where Sheriff Robby Goolsby of Benton County was. Sheriff Goolsby had disarmed Roger Struble and had taken him into custody.

Apparently, Mr. Struble had gotten into an argument with another shopper at Walmart. The confrontation escalated and Mr. Struble pulled a handgun from his waistband. Sheriff Goolsby was there shopping and heard the verbal confrontation and went to investigate. As Sheriff Goolsby rounded the corner, he saw Mr. Struble pull the handgun from his waistband. Sheriff Goolsby then drew his weapon and ordered Mr. Struble to drop his weapon. Mr. Struble complied and Sheriff Goolsby was able to disarm him and take him into custody as other officers arrived. THERE WERE NO SHOTS FIRED!!! Thanks to the swift action of Sheriff Goolsby, Mr. Struble was taken into custody without any further incident.

I personally want to thank Sheriff Goolsby for acting immediately. He was able to stop the situation before it had time to escalate and get out of control. His actions prevented potiental harm for countless number of innocent shoppers.


One thought on “Off-duty Sheriff stops gunman at New Albany Walmart while shopping

  • Kenney Snipes

    Good the off duty officer had his gun at a time like that…. why more people need to carry and in concelment to so the crook dont know whos able to defend others near them…. no one got her is whats important on this at all times…… Great job on all law inforcement .. we need you guys everywhere .


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