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Mississippi Match 5 Co-winner Quick Picks Way to Win

A self-employed entrepreneur from Jones County received his “payday” – his portion of the record-setting $665,000 Mississippi Match 5 jackpot from Tuesday night’s drawing.

He didn’t even do the work; the terminal picked the numbers for him.

The man, who purchased his winning ticket from Keith’s Superstore #105 at 5213 Highway 11 N. in Ellisville, was thrilled with his luck when he realized he matched all five numbers. But, he joked about having to split the $665,000 jackpot with the Lamar County man who claimed his share the day before.

The Jones County man said he normally chooses his own numbers. This time, he decided to use the Quick Pick option – and, he’s glad he did.

While he enjoys all the Mississippi Lottery games, the Jones County man has been a loyal player of Mississippi Match 5 since day one. He explained he feels the odds of winning are better. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 324,632.

The July 6 Mississippi Match 5 drawing was the largest jackpot for the game since its introduction April 28. The randomly generated winning numbers were 16-17-26-30-33.

Jackpot prizes for Mississippi Match 5 are pari-mutuel, meaning if more than one winning ticket is sold matching all five drawn numbers, the Jackpot prize will be shared equally among all eligible winning tickets.

Friday night’s Mega Millions® jackpot (the ninth draw for the current jackpot) is currently an estimated $94 million, while Saturday’s Powerball® jackpot (the eighth draw for the current jackpot) is currently an estimated $127 million!

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