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Mississippi among the favorite accents

We can all agree that English is the spoken language for the vast majority of Americans. However, each part of the country puts its special “spin” on the way English is spoken and how words are released from our mouths can identify what part of the country we are from. 

Call it an accent, a brogue, regionalism, whatever, we all don’t speak exactly the same way. 

Two out of three Americans don’t believe they have an accent, according to a YouGov survey.  However, Wordtips did a survey using Twitter to determine what was their favorite American accent. 

The results of the survey had the New Orleans accent number one, but Wordtips ranks Mississippi with the number two favorite accent in America. The New Orleans accent was favored by 46.4 percent of those responding, while Mississippi was favored by 35,1 percent.  

Hawaii, Pittsburgh and Chicago filled out the top five in order.  

Wordtips analyzed how positively Twitter users talk about 165 accents throughout the United States, Britain and from 104 other countries around the world. We also analyzed how positively Twitter users talk about the accents of 66 celebrities whose accents have previously been the subject of discussion on Twitter or in news articles.

To determine the positivity of tweets, we applied a Hugging Face AI algorithm to each tweet’s text. This algorithm returns the possibility of a text being positive, negative or neutral. We calculated the proportion of positive tweets for all tweets about each accent.

The following graphic shows the positive results of different accents in the United States and this link details how accents were received in the country and across the world.  

Happy reading y’all! 

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