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Investing in tomorrow’s workforce

By Treasurer David McRae 

I believe that Mississippi’s best days are still ahead. I see that when I watch my kids learn and play, when I meet with the students who participated in College Savings Mississippi’s recent Art Contest, and when I talk to other parents and our teachers. We have an incredible group of young people coming of age in this state, and we (as policymakers, as parents, and as mentors) have a responsibility to ensure they are set up for success.

Among my many roles as your State Treasurer, I sit on a few dozen boards. Some relate to the more technical aspects of the state’s budget; others work to protect public service retirements. But the one I want to discuss today – the Bond Commission – has the responsibility of making thoughtful, financially responsible investments throughout our state.

To put it in the simplest of terms, a bond is a loan the state government can issue projects that are important to the general public. This would include things like roads, parks, and bridges. During a recent meeting, we also debated new education investments.

I believe strongly that an education can open the door to endless possibilities. But it has to be the right education: in other words, one that is designed to fill workforce needs, rather than simply indoctrinate a generation about “woke” ideals.

Moreover, I believe Mississippi has a lot to offer some of America’s fastest growing companies. We have a resilient work ethic, a strong sense of community, and an affordable way of life. But there is an education gap that must be filled if we are to continue attracting tomorrow’s job creators.

With all of this in mind, I am proud to say the Bond Commission, with my support, unanimously approved investments for five education projects across the state. The institutions benefiting were the Mississippi State Kinesiology Building, Mississippi State College of Architecture building, Itawamba Community College, Southwest Community College, and East Central Community College. I am hopeful that as a result of these investments, Mississippi’s young people will be given more opportunities to find good-paying jobs in fulfilling careers – right here in the Magnolia State.

The fact of the matter is that a strong workforce is a well-trained workforce. I am hopeful the Bond Commission’s decision will help increase opportunities for our young people to gain an education in their backyard and stay solidly grounded here in Mississippi. After all, that is what is needed to ensure that our best days truly are ahead.

Mississippi Treasurer David McRae is the 55th Treasurer for the State of Mississippi. In this role, he helps manage the state’s cash flow, oversees College Savings Mississippi, and has returned nearly $65 million in unclaimed money to Mississippians. For more information, visit Treasury.MS.gov.

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