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House of Representatives Weekly Summary

The following is a summary of the week’s actions in the Mississippi House of Representatives. This summary is provided to DeSoto County News by the House Press Office.

This was the 13th week of the 2024 legislative session. Wednesday, March 27 marked the deadline for original floor action on House appropriations and revenue bills. The Appropriations Committee and the Ways and Means Committee took up several bills to meet this week’s deadline.

The Mississippi School Resource Officers School Safety, or MS ROSS, Act (House Bill 1982) would provide funding for local law enforcement agencies to employ school resource officers at schools within their jurisdictions. The bill passed unanimously by a vote of 120-0, and it has been sent to the Senate for consideration.

House Bill 1988 would increase the amount of tax credits that may be allocated under the Children’s Promise Act of 2019. These tax credits are for contributions to charitable organizations that provide services to children in foster care, children with chronic illnesses or disabilities and children who are eligible for free or reduced meal programs. The bill passed 101-1 before being held on a motion to reconsider. That motion was then tabled, and the bill has been sent to the Senate.

House Bill 1953 would authorize an income tax credit for businesses that make contributions to a rural hospital in the state. The bill passed unanimously 118-0 and will now go to the Senate.

House Bill 1768 would authorize an income tax credit for taxpayers who provide paid maternity and paternity leave to employees. The bill passed unanimously 120-0.

House Bill 1710 would authorize an income tax credit for employers that participate in employer-sponsored training programs through community and junior colleges. HB 1710 passed 118-0 and has been sent to the Senate.

House Bill 1985 would authorize an income tax credit and an ad valorem tax credit for taxpayers for each dependent child residing with parents who are legally married to one another. HB 1985 passed 117-0.

House Bill 1485 would exclude forgiven, cancelled or discharged federal student loan debt under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program from the definition of “gross income” for state income tax purposes. HB 1485 passed 115-0 and has been sent to the Senate.

House Bill 1855 would exempt sales, leases or other retail transfers of certain fixed-wing aircraft from sales tax. HB 1855 passed 116-1 and will now go to the Senate.

House Bill 1984 would authorize an ad valorem tax credit for certain refines of oil, gas and petroleum products. HB 1984 passed 120-0.

Many of these bills include a reverse repealer clause, meaning that these bills will go to conference for further revision before the end of session.

Committees began to meet again this week to discuss Senate general bills. The deadline for these bills to be passed out of committee is Tuesday, April 2. Senate bills will come out of House committees and onto the House floor discussion. The Senate will go through the same process with House general bills. The deadline for these bills to pass the House is Wednesday, April 10.

Senate Bill 2072 would revise the circumstances and criteria under which a physical therapist may provide treatment without a referral from another health care provider. The bill passed 107-8 and has been returned to the Senate.

Senate Bill 2156 would create the Mississippi Rare Disease Advisory Council at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. This bill is similar to House Bill 616 which was passed earlier this year. SB 2156 passed unanimously 120-0 and has been returned to the Senate.

Under Senate Bill 2157, Mississippi would join 41 other states in the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact. This interstate compact facilitates the practice of telepsychology across state boundaries. The bill passed unanimously 120-0 and has been returned to the Senate.

Senate Bill 2408 would require identification cards at any of the state institutions of higher learning to have 988 Crisis Lifeline information on the cards. The bill passed as amended by the House by a vote of 120-0.

Senate Bill 2698 would create the Cyber Security Review Board. The board would be responsible for addressing cybersecurity threats made to the State of Mississippi. The bill passed unanimously 118-0.

Senate Bill 2557 would authorize Agricultural and Forestry Experimental Stations at Mississippi State University and Alcorn State University to enter into a ground lease for solar installation. SB 2557 passed as amended 118-1.

Senate Bill 2888 would create the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Research Program at the National Center for Cannabis Research at the University of Mississippi. The bill would also establish the Medical Cannabis Research Advisory Board. SB 2888 passed 106-10.

On Thursday, the House was honored to have songwriter Don Poythress visit the Capitol. The Clinton native played one of his songs during session and received a standing ovation. He was recently inducted into the Mississippi Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The House was also visited by the Raymond High School Boys Basketball Team who won the MHSAA 4A State Championship earlier this year. The team was presented with House Resolution 77 commending them on their accomplishments.

Other visitors this week included Rust College, the Boy Scouts of America, West Union Attendance Center, Black Voters Matter, the Department of Mental Health and Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi.